Ready To Transfer Your Old Firearm?

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Transferring a gun isn't as simple as giving someone your old laptop. If you're not sure how to complete your firearm transfer legally in the Concord, Kannapolis & Harrisburg, NC area, visit Hal's Pawn & Gun Shop. We handle state and private party transfers.

One of our team members can help you give your weapon to a family member, friend or another interested party. We'll break down the legal jargon so you can understand how to transfer your weapon successfully.

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Interested in buying a suppressor?

Interested in buying a suppressor?

Arrange for an NFA transfer in the Concord, Kannapolis & Harrisburg, NC area. The National Firearms Act (NFA) includes certain regulations for transferring suppressors, machine guns and short-barreled rifles. When you’re completing an NFA transfer, you can expect to:


  • Pay a transfer tax (if you’re an individual selling to a dealer)
  • Fill out a lot of paperwork (which we’ll show you how to do)
  • Wait at least a few months for your paperwork to get approved (expect a 9-month wait time)




Visit Hal's Pawn & Gun Shop today to make an NFA gun transfer. We also sell suppressors in-house.