Get Cash for Gold!

Get Cash for Gold!

Come see us when you need to sell jewelry in Concord, North Carolina

Hal's Pawn & Gun Shop will give you cash for gold in Concord, North Carolina. We buy, trade and sell jewelry, firearms and tools.

Whether you need to sell your vintage firearms, purchase a coin collection or trade in your jewelry, we can help. We can appraise your jewelry and firearms accurately. If you have an item we're interested in, we'll offer you a fair price for it. You can also trade in your valuables for items of equal value in our store.

Visit our pawn shop today to buy vintage firearms, sell jewelry or trade in your coin collection. We'll give you cash for gold on the spot.

Take a look at the items we sell, buy and trade

Hal's Pawn & Gun Shop sells, buys and trades a wide variety of items in Concord, NC. These include:

  • New and used firearms
  • Military knives and swords
  • Jewelry
  • Gold
  • Coins
Call 704-782-8112 to find out if we have what you're looking for. We offer consignment sale services and pay cash for gold.