Purchase Used Firearms at Super-Low Prices

Drop by our pawn shop in Concord, North Carolina today to buy vintage firearms

Hal's Pawn & Gun Shop purchases vintage firearms from estate sales in the Concord, North Carolina area. We sell all types of collectible guns at discount prices.

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind firearms that have stories to tell, our pawn shop is guaranteed to have a gun you'll like. We have a huge selection of vintage firearms that can't be found anywhere else.

If a deceased loved one had a vintage firearm collection, we'll purchase it from you for a fair price. Bring your collectible guns to our pawn shop today to find out how much they're worth.

Is investing in vintage firearms a smart move?

Is investing in vintage firearms a smart move?

Hal's Pawn & Gun Shop sells vintage firearms in Concord, North Carolina. Purchasing vintage firearms is a wise decision because:

  • Guns have a history of retaining their value
  • Vintage firearms are typically worth more than new ones
  • Firearm prices are increasing with growing demand
  • Collectible guns can be gifted, and they make great family heirlooms
Venture down to our pawn shop ASAP to buy or sell collectible firearms.